Minisode 3 – Blizzcon Reactions with Schwartzord

Happy Blizzcon 2017! This is our Mini-episode (hence “Minisode”) in which we share our initial reactions on the first day of Blizzcon.  The episode begins with Multizord’s thoughts immediately following the Opening Ceremonies, and then a more detailed look with Greg “Gizmozord” Parker and Ryan “TBKzord” Rieder…as well as a special guest, Beau Schwartzord from CORE! Or was that Lords of the Storm?  Find out for yourselves in this year’s Blizzcon Reactions Minisode!

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Episode 137 – Junkrat and OPness

Welcome to Episode 137 of the Heroes of the Storm Podcast, Lords of the Storm. Here’s a short summary of the topics we’ll cover in today’s episode:

Music and Bumpers by Jake Butineau

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